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Listy od pań z Rusajfy

Wkrótce jedziemy na Białoruś robić laleczki z uchodźczyniami z Czeczenii, które utknęły w Brześciu. Teraz małe wspomnienie, listy od Pań z Rusajfy, które zapoczątkowały "laleczkową akcję". Przetłumaczyła nam je z syryjskiego niezwykła Jasmin Kawecka (na spółkę z bratem). Bardzo dziękujemy!!!!
A TU więcej zdjęć "syryjskich" laleczek. 
Hello I am Noha , a mother for 5 children ( Reem, Raed , raghed, rafaat, and Mohammad ). We lived a beautiful days in Syria. We grew up in our land, we used to live in Syria that has Hope, Secure, Loyalty.
Syira, the land that gives Tender, love and Pleasure, unfortunetly that didn't last too much long, because there were some kind of pressures from Al Assad's goverment's party. That those didn't let us lives our normal life style, and it's not allowed for us to expose our thoughts and feelings in any kind of means, So , there was tottaly a big abcense of freedom , but we are pretty sure that a Day will come and will split those fears away and break the silence .
                                                            fot. Zosia Stopa

And here comes the REVOLUTION, and it started to take the path toward freedom. The story goes on at daily basis , therefore the Assad's Regimen started to use weapons, torture, air_bombings and Chemical force against everyone who stand in their way, and he took the way of using poverty to stop the revolution, but , there was nothing usefull to stop the REVOLUTION in anyway means on neccessary.
AT a silently cleared night, and we were in our warmy beds , the tanks started to attacking our nearby neighborhood , we immediatly awake from our warmy beds at the sound of bullets over our heads, they have done a raid on our house , and they were monesters doesn't know mercy.
We lived in fear, poverty and starvation. They have arrested our family members and killed them all using torture, and when we saw there corps our mind had lack, we were weary of life , shocked and fear. then we ran away using a secure path to escape , and then we saw our nearby village , but unfortunetly that nieghborhood didn't find the peace and quiet that we hope we can see, we lived 2 years moving from one area to another, the situation was tottaly hard for us , so then we decided to flee to Jordan, we crossed the syrian borders toward Jordan that took one day marching on our feets , the fear and saddness were our only friends who decided to take the journey with us until we arrived to the Jordan borders. And after we provided our syrain offical documents, we arrived to ( Zaa'tary Refugees camp ) , and it's only a tents that were made of silk , that were not securing us from cold , we lived those hard days in that camp for about 4 months straight , we didn't had anyone that were ralated to us , and all of them had decided to flee to Germany, using the only path from Turkey to Europe using the sea path. and after months later we decided to go to (Al Zrka"a) area , and leave behind us those camps and that suffer from sickness , poverty, and lack of education . Noone used to secure us a descent water to drink , the Zarka"a was a new place for us , and it was not suitable for us at all ways, and we didn't feel comfprtable in Jordan, but this is the only way of life that was provided for us at those times. I hope at one day , our mighty home get backs to it's reality which gives a new smile and hope to our faces , and live a descent normal life like any Citizen outthere.

I am Farida Zamel , A widow , I used to have work at agriculture , This is why because I wanted to raise my children , I have 8 children , 6 boys and 2 girls. 

My situation is not that alright . And in Jorden I live in Zarka'a, we dont have from the monthly payments from the rent of the house what is enough for the rest of the week . And I am sick and I need to make an urgent surgery for the backpain, I ask kindly for you guys to buy the toys that I create, that I work it for living . I hope oneday that we will return to our Homeland.

I am Nohad Abdulrahman Al Zohby, from Daraa | Syria 
I have three children , two girls and one boy. The oldest one of my children tunred 8 , the boy olded 5 years , and the youngest girl turned 2 years . I live in pain , my husband got me divorced by force , and we flee'd away from Syria because of the bombs and the war , that provided us only fear .
we decided to move to a Camp that at least will secure us at peace , but sadly that peace turned out to poverty and coldness .
We misses our beloved ones in my country . I hope oneday we will return back to our country in peace and quiet . 

Hello , I am Salwa Mohammad Al waked from Syria, I was born and raised Syria. And I am mother of 9 children , 8 daughters and 1 son, and all of them are orphans , and thier father passed away while my children were youngs. At that times, when my husband passed away , my oldest child was 12 years old , and my youngest one was 6 months. 
We were Farmers, and our job was so hard for us, but we were happy about it , because I was working to raise my children and get them feed.
My job time was from the morning to the evening, and then I make dinner for my children, and clean the house, and takecare of thier education.
At the first days, thier was protests , and noone ever knew what was going on, we were never knew that one of the days we will escape from our Homeland because of the fear of the war that noone know it's results, and when the situation got worst, and the fear was our only friend, we were living in the fear that our only roof will be abandoned on our heads, and my childrens was on a young age, so I decided to take my childs and escape to any peaceful place that has no fear and pain. Since then, we was searching for a saftey, so I grabed my children and we went with those poeples that was escaping everyday from the war, we never knew what will happen for us, will we arrive in peace ! or we will die in the way ! noone ever knows, throughtout the pain on the road, the fear , poverty, and cold we finnaly arrived to Jordan, to the Za'atary's refugees camp, the living was so hard for us, there was no enough food for us, and we have lack of water. And everynight, the fear was our only friend, and we stayed in Za'atary for about 8 months, my children was getting sick everyday because of the dirty atmosphere, and the sun in summer, the cold in winter.

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